Howard Chen

I am a first year PhD student studying Computer Science at Princeton University in the PNLP Group. Prior to Princeton, I was an ML/NLP researcher at ASAPP and research assistant at Cornell NYC Tech. I recieved my M.Eng. from Cornell University and B.S. from National Taiwan University.

My research focuses on machine learning and its applications in natural language processing. I aim to design systems that understand natural language in a way that makes sense to humans. To do that, I’m interested in areas such as knowledge representation and reasoning, interpretability and robustness, language grounding, and methods insipred by cognative science.


Sep 16, 2020 Our work on knowledge distillation through imitation learning will be presented at EMNLP 2020!
Jul 6, 2020 Come check out the ACL virtual QA session for our work on disambiguation through interaction.